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Postal Savings Bank of China

Postal Savings Bank of China

Headquarters / Head Office

No. 3 Jinrong Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China
Call Center: 95580

Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) is a leading large retail bank in China. It strategically focuses on providing financial services to communities, small and medium sized companies and “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” and is committed to meeting the financial needs of the most promising customers during China's economic transformation. Meanwhile, PSBC also actively supports large customers and large projects, making tremendous contributions to China's economic development.

PSBC has approximately 40,000 outlets and over 500 million retail customers. It boasts superior asset quality and significant growth potential. At present, it has established an all-around e-banking system, integrating online banking, mobile banking, self-service banking, telephone banking, television banking and "micro-banking", forming a financial service framework that features interconnection between electronic channels and physical networks, and side-by- side advancement of off-line physical outlets and online virtual banks. In 2015, PSBC introduced 10 domestic and overseas strategic investors to further improve its comprehensive strength. In 2016, PSBC completed a successful IPO on Hong Kong Stock Exchange, perfectly accomplishing its three-step plan of “shareholding system reform, introducing strategic investment and IPO”, and formally entered international capital market. It ranked 22nd in terms of total assets among the “Top 1,000 World Banks 2016”.